Our telemetry system technical representative in India :
Mr Vijay Kumar
130 Palace Cross road
Bangalore 560 020
Phone : 91 80 23 44 17 33 - e-mail : dynatec@blr.vsnl.net.in

I met Mister Vijay Kumar ... Long time ago, on a trade show in France, where one of his friend drove him up to our booth.

Can any body says why we had the feeling we could become real friends ? The company I was with sold a couple systems in India and this excellent engineer was the source of customer's understanding of our products.

This french company went out of business but telemetry was still alive and my friendship with Vijay could not stop because of this.

A new company took over telemetry and some more systems were sold. Why ? Not only friendship makes a customer happy, I visited, along with Auguste Pastural from T.C.E. some customers in India : Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd in Mumbai, A.R.A.I. in Puna, G.T.R.E. in Bangalore

Vijay visited Paris several times to understand our way of thinking, to play with telemetries, visit few customers to see implementations of ours.

We made it, again in India, particularly in Bangalore and Delhi to get in the indian's engineers feeling and we implemented temetries again.

When I started Giacintec and informed Vijay I was willing to remain in business with Auguste, he just answer by an O.K. as I expected him to do.

Dynatec, Vijay's company is, today, our best ' outside of french borders ' technical representative.

If one ask me why, I would say, the knowledge of this engineer is something. Vijay has been in telemetry as well as in strain gages for years. He understands our telemetries, never complain about little problems, solve the big ones at customer's locations and make the reliable contact in between end users and ourselves.

I ... We do love India ...

By the way, thanks to our customers : Mahindra and Mahindra, Eicher tractors, Punjab Tractors, A.R.A.I., G.T.R.E., Bajaj ... And many more.

We are putting a lot of efforts to support our technical rep in India and our forcast is to invest even more to be ' The telemetry ' for industrial applications in this country.

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